A.W Hupel wrote in 1761 year that Addafer( Estonian Adavere) is a beautiful manor fertile countries with far-reaching field with a lot of great pubs along the way.
Adavere manor has one of a large Dutch windmill and watermill.
Originally windmill was surrounded by a wide stone gallery or  around balcony. Windmill´s wings is not too large are safe to millers, playing kids and the animals grazing. Next to mill was the miller's house - what was used to hold crop and possibly overnight.

The Republic of Estonia nationalized Adavere windmill and gave it to Tõnis Tähnas. The mill equipment was completely destroyed by 1923. The building of the stone used by the owner of Animal barns. The bomb destroyed the windmill head and wings in year 1944. Also were destroyed  Veskisaare farm buildings nearby.

In early 1980 places around the mill (named Adavere and Põltsamaa) decided, at that time already empty and useless, windmills needed a lot of work on this place and they did it together. The building was opened as a catering place in December 1986.

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